Metal-gate-first FD-SOI will be very good but metal-gate-last could be spectacular

We have investigated the expected statistical variability in 32/28nm FD-SOI transistors in comparison to equivalent bulk MOSFETs, particularly looking at the benefits of metal-gate-last technology.

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At 20nm metal-gate-last could buy you 100mV reduction of the SRAM Vcmin compared to metal-gate-first

We present an analysis of the statistical variability in 20nm bulk CMOS with a comparison of gate-first and gate-last technologies.

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FD SOI FinFETS can offer better performance than bulk FinFETs

Assuming that you can make ideal rectangular bulk and SOI FinFETs, which one will have better performance?

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Process-induced variability in the Intel FinFETs

We continue our analysis of the Intel 22nm FinFET device by looking at process variability.

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Simulation analysis of the Intel 22nm FinFET

We use the GSS TCAD simulator GARAND to do an initial analysis of the Intel 22nm FinFET device.

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