Nanowire transistors can offer a clear run down to 5nm CMOS

While Intel is ramping up its second generation (14nm) FinFET technology and 16/14nm FinFET CMOS is about to enter volume production at the major foundries, the next generation transistors suitable for 7nm CMOS and below are already on the drawing b...

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Has Intel learned from GSS predictive simulations?

GSS simulations indicated the trapezoidal shape of the Intel 22nm FinFETs was suboptimal.....

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Statistical Variability is the Bulk CMOS Killer

Statistical variability due to high channel doping concentration has killed bulk CMOS. It restricts the supply voltage and SRAM area scaling and dramatically increases leakage and standby power. According to an article that will be published in IEEE ...

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Metal-gate-first FD-SOI will be very good but metal-gate-last could be spectacular

We have investigated the expected statistical variability in 32/28nm FD-SOI transistors in comparison to equivalent bulk MOSFETs, particularly looking at the benefits of metal-gate-last technology.

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At 20nm metal-gate-last could buy you 100mV reduction of the SRAM Vcmin compared to metal-gate-first

We present an analysis of the statistical variability in 20nm bulk CMOS with a comparison of gate-first and gate-last technologies.

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FD SOI FinFETS can offer better performance than bulk FinFETs

Assuming that you can make ideal rectangular bulk and SOI FinFETs, which one will have better performance?

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Process-induced variability in the Intel FinFETs

We continue our analysis of the Intel 22nm FinFET device by looking at process variability.

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Simulation analysis of the Intel 22nm FinFET

We use the GSS TCAD simulator GARAND to do an initial analysis of the Intel 22nm FinFET device.

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