Who We Are

Gold Standard Simulations (GSS) offers complete solutions for Design Technology Co-Optimisation (DTCO), PDK development and exploration and screening of future technology options. Our tool chain integrates predictive Monte Carlo and statistical TCAD simulations, statistical compact model extraction and high sigma statistical circuit simulation using ‘push button’ cluster-based technology. Our tools are the ‘gold standard’ in terms of physical accuracy, efficiency and usability.


Why You Need Us

You need GSS if you are a technology provider or a fabless semiconductor company for whom successfully leveraging of advanced CMOS technology is absolutely critical. Gold Standard’s state-of-the-science accurate and predictive simulation and verification tools, that are based upon the breakthrough development and application of physical model methodologies, provide the shortest time-to-development, time-to-design and ultimately time-to-innovation.


What we will do for you

GSS can help you:

  • Design better technology and circuits
  • Choose the best technology options
  • Reduce variability and its impact on products
  • Increase yield and improve reliability
  • Increase design productivity
  • Reduce design risk in advanced technology